1. Invisible Man

From the recording Wire and Wood

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Invisible Man
Words and Music © August, 2021
Joe Black – All Rights Reserved


Alone at a table- the end of the night
Thinking ‘bout the places I’ve been
A faded denim jacket that’s a little too tight
The buttons strain to hold it all in
An old song is playing - for a moment I forget
That it was new when I first heard it sung
In my old man’s car – a worn out cassette
When we were both very young

I raise my hand to catch that waitresses’ eye
God knows, I need a drink
But she can’t see me - doesn’t even try
It gives me more time to think
The jukebox is a time machine
Takes me where I don’t want to go
When love didn’t run, there was no big scene
It just walked out real slow

I close my eyes – it takes me back
‘Got the keys to that old Pontiac
A half a tank of gas,
Feeling the wind – holding her hand.
Sitting close, the smell of her hair
Open my eyes, she isn’t there
All I’ve got are memories - an invisible man

I throw down some change and walk out in the dark
But nobody noticed I’m gone
Drive for a while, pull over and park
Just can’t escape from that song
Once again without warning, the tears start to flow
They bring back all of the pain
Stuck in the past it won’t let me go
When that chorus comes around again

When the love started fading away
And there was nothing left to say
I crumbled like the rust on the fender of my Daddy’s sedan
The burning tears that ran down my face
Over the years, they completely erased
Everything but heartache and now I’m an invisible man