From the recording Wire and Wood

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When I Meet My Muse –
Words and Music © 2019 Joe Black


Like a sidewalk on a snowy day
Or a slowly burning fuse
Like a pilgrim on her holy way
Or a sinner in the pews.
She hides until I need her most
Translucent like an ancient ghost
With all my lies exposed as boasts
And there’s nothing left to lose
That’s when I meet my muse

Like a shadow in the morning sun
Fleeing westward from my shoes
Like a demon playing hit and run
At the crossroads of the Blues
I cry and wail into the night
Throw in the towel, Give up the fight
And can’t determine wrong from right
As I sit dazed and confused
That’s when I meet my muse

And she holds me with a weathered hand
And scolds me till I understand
That I can’t escape from her demands
And I have no right to choose
And when it all is said and done
This struggle’s meant for everyone
With all my senses overrun
And I’ve got no excuse
That’s when I meet my muse

Like a prophet preaching to the wind
With a heart that’s sore and bruised
Like an actor frozen and chagrined
Who’s forgotten all his cues
The words, illusive slip away
Into the ether – there to stay
Until at last I reach the day
When I cry out for a truce
That’s when I meet my muse