1. Odysseus

From the recording Wire and Wood

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Words and Music © Rabbi Joe Black
June, 2020
All Rights Reserved


In the summer when the wind blows
We can measure how the grass grows
So tall
Does it matter at all?
Like a thorn upon a red rose
Or the nozzle on a fire hose
We feel
The siren’s call.

You’re one of us
As you ramble and you roam
Oblivious Why so serious?
It’s time for you to come home.

It’s a tale around a campfire
Tension glowing like a live wire
Sparks fly
Into the evening sky
Colder than a sapphire
Smoking like a flat tire
The bush is not consumed - we wonder why

I see you in me
As you try not to conform
For the world to see
Won’t shield you from the storm


Every journey has a purpose or a place
As we move between our time and in our space
The legend of our life is always traced
Upon the lines that form upon our face

In the Winter light is blinding
We can hear the rhythm grinding
In our bones
In complex quarter tones
The clock’s in need of winding
And soon we will be finding
The treasure lying ‘neath the stones

It’s an Odyssey
On a distant sea
A journey through the past
It’s a Symphony
Composed exclusively
For the one who breaks the glass