From the recording Wire and Wood

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My Guitar Has Never Sounded So Good
Words and Music (c) 2007 by Joe Black
Lanitunes Music – All Rights Reserved.


Well it might have been the food we ate
Or the fact that we stay up way too late
Or maybe because we laughed more than we should
Well I don’t know and I don’t care
But Good gosh almighty, I declare
Since the night I met you baby my guitar has never sounded so good.

I remember the night there at the bar
You came all alone to watch me play guitar
You were dancing like a Hemi © was burning underneath your hood
I was watching you move and I got inspired
I started to groove like my hands were on fire
And since that night my guitar has never sounded so good

Yes my guitar has never sounded O so good.
I never thought I could get these sounds from mere wire and wood
EMy hands are on fire, I’m a runaway train
I’m picking like lighting – I can’t explain it but
Since I met you baby
My guitar has never sounded so good.

Well I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my downs
I’ve lost my muse and I’ve stood my ground
I’ve scrubbed dishes and washed floors for my livelihood
But something’s changed since you took me in
I’m playing every night with a permanent grin
Since I met you baby, my guitar has never sounded so good.