From the recording Wire and Wood

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Give 'Em All Guns
Words and Music © Joe Black
All Rights Reserved


Too many people feeling aimless
Too many hanging up the phone
You know that no one here is blameless
Don't make them face their fears alone
It's not our duty to constrain them
It's not our way to curb their fun
The gilded cage we've built contains them
Give 'em all guns

There's not enough here who are willing
Not enough blood on our screens
We have the chance to make a killing
Bring out the newest fun machines
Too many children are contented
There's a war that must be won
With fear and hopelessness cemented
Give 'em all guns

March forward no retreating
There can be no compromise.
Hear the drums that we are beating
Taste the logic of our lies.

No time for any contemplation
There's too much money to be made
Bullets, steel and desecration
Pull the trigger, feel the blade
The headlines scream out our frustration
Another damaged mother's son
Yesterday's anger must be rationed
Give 'em all guns