From the recording Praying With Our Feet

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We All Stand Here
August 20, 2018
Words and music (c) Rabbi Joe Black
All Rights Reserved


At this sacred hour / At this place and time
It’s within our power / To give a gift sublime
We can parcel out and measure
What we hold so dear
Or we can share our sacred treasure
As we all stand here

It’s not across the ocean / Nor is it far away
Hold on to life / Don’t let it slip away
May the choices that we make
Come from love and not from fear
We’ve got to give more than we take
As we all stand here

It’s not just about the winning
Cause sometimes you’re gonna lose
Every curse is a beginning
The blessing’s life we choose
You hold the power in your fingers
The words they’re ringing in your ear
The sacred memory lingers
As we all stand here

Life is what we’re choosing
When we wake up every day
There’s no winning /There’s no losing
When you give your love away
When you’re overcome with laughter
When you have to shed a tear
In fortunate and disaster / We all stand here