1. Duomo

From the recording Praying With Our Feet

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Words and Music © Joe Black
All Rights Reserved


If you stand in the center of the Duomo of Perugia
And cast your eyes up soaring towards the heights
The massive wooden beams that support the dazzling ceiling
Hide a secret that is hidden from our sight.
Some common unknown laborer
In awe of his Creator
Carved an offering of praise to God above
Pointing skyward to the heavens
Like a prayer that ascends
With Humility, passion and love

Faith is not a flag you can wave
Faith is not a soul you can save
For when our earthly days are done
And we face the setting sun
We give thanks not for what we had but what we gave.
Faith is not a flag you can wave

There’s a woman that I know who never likes to show
The fact she’s struggling with each breath that she takes
Her days are filled with meaning – while she stares up at the ceiling
She longs to find a way to ease her aches
But no matter how her body lets her down
No matter the threshold of her pain
She tries to give back to those around her
Giving thanks for each day she wakes again.


Each day we build our masterpiece
The vision of our dreams
The answer to our own caprice
Is never what it seems
It’s carved above the beams

Standing in the center of an overcrowded classroom
In a part of town that knows no other way
He opens doors of learning in the minds of his students
He helps them find the proper words to say
And he knows the odds against him
And that no will defend him
But he’s never given in to his despair
He believes in what he’s doing
And the souls that he is grooming
Like a sculptor carving high up in the air.