From the recording Praying With Our Feet

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God Plays Hide and Seek
May 9, 2016
(C) Joe Black


God plays hide and seek
Leaving trails of crumbs for us to find
With twists and turns along a crooked road that winds
Among the valleys and the peaks
When God plays hide and seek

God plays hard to get
With feigned indifference to our daily toil
Like a pot- you watch it, but it never boils
Like a sideways silhouette
God plays hard to get

But even when you’re halfway thru the race
And you find yourself in hot pursuit
Just take some time and think about the chase
It's not the finish line you seek- it's each step along the route

God plays fast and loose
The rules change daily at a moment's whim
There's no devotion, prayer, or ancient hymn
To bring about a truce
When God plays fast and loose.