From the recording Praying With Our Feet

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The Salty Taste of Tears – Words and Music by Joe Black
©All Rights Reserved


She was a refugee with glass in her shoes
Just 12 years old – scared and confused
Peeking through the curtains at American Jews
Who never walked in fear.
The dread that lived within her bones
Was birthed on ancient cobblestones
And repossessed abandoned homes
And the salty taste of tears

The dreams that kept her up at night were vague and undefined
Boulevards where yellow stars marched lockstep in straight lines
Consonants and syllables that she had left behind
The smoke that never clears
With the salty taste of tears.

She did what she was told to do
Minding all her p’s and q’s
As if compliance could undo
The past 2,000 years
She catalogued and turned the pages
A lifetime lived in different stages
Learning lessons of the ages
And the salty taste of tears.

She lived with dread as if someday
Her fragile peace might go away
She knew God’s grace just couldn’t stay
It always disappears
And all this time I’ve tried to see
And understand her legacy
That she has now bequeathed to me
With the Salty taste of tears



Ill at ease, tease, please appease, unease, disease, freeze, keys, overseas, squeeze, Socrates, wheeze

And the lessons we have learned
With the bad and all the good