From the recording Praying With Our Feet

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Congregational Blessing
Words and Music © Rabbi Joe Black – Lanitunes Music
May 18, 2014


For the gift of this Shabbat
For the moments that we share
For the beauty of this morning
Let our voices rise in prayer
We ask for blessing in this circle
Bring us hope and end despair
Bind our wounds and heal our sorrows
Feel the hope that’s everywhere

Misheberach Avoteinu
May our prayers soar on high
Misheberach Imoteinu
And our blessings multiply
Bless this holy congregation
May our words not be in vain
Yes in every generation
We return to You again
Yes in every generation
We return to You again

Bareich otanu b’voeinu
Bless our Coming here to pray
Bareich otanu b’tzeiteinu
And as we go on our way
As we travel on this journey
We do not go alone
We’re on this path together
The one that brings us home