1. Gemini

From the recording Praying With Our Feet

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Words and Music by Rabbi Joe Black © 2006 Lanitunes Music.


One side dark, the other light
One loves day, the other night
One can’t hear and one lacks sight
One seeks peace one needs to fight
One seeks comfort, one seeks health
One craves love, the other wealth
One walks tall, one creeps in stealth
One’s the dealer, the other dealt.

Gemini – It’s you
and I
Can’t seem to find
The way to come together.
What’s your alibi?
The times when you were split in two?
The mornings when the light shone through
The darkness of your soul in stormy weather.

One side dark the other light
One is slow the other bright
The Truth is never black or white
It’s within our grasp, then gone from sight
One learns slowly, one learns fast
But each of us must learn at last
That if the mold is not recast
The future will repeat the past

It’s a never-ending choice
Hand of Esau - Jacob’s voice
You can wrestle with the angels till you’re finished
If you triumph in your fight
After battling through the night
When you emerge you will find your strength diminished